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Gmencoder is a gnome-2 front-end to mplayer/mencoder. It support much of the output codecs as well as postprocesing, cropping, scale, subtitles ripping, 1, 2 and 3 passes for encoding and a lot of more options are planned.

It is only tested in Linux but it should work in other Unixes. Feedback is welcomed!


  • 20030613 - gmencoder-0.1.0.tgz
    • Added divx4linux/divx5linux encoding codec.
    • Misc encoding options tab added. In this tab you can find output frames per second and output aspect ratio.
    • Detected aspect ratio and length of the source is displayed and can be edited.
    • Now you can choose the header of the output file (avi or mpeg).
    • The size of the output file do not have to be a CD size. You can choose the one you want.
    • Added a bach mode based in a queue. This way you can encode more than one source in one session.
    • Config window added (yes, it has DVD/CD Device).
    • MPlayer/MEncoder path detected in run time.
    • Man page has been added thanks to Benjamin Zores. It is not installed automaticaly.
    • I have started the TV source. It is planned network stream and (S)VCD as sources.
    • Added gentoo linux ebuild file. Thanks to Raptor.

    I have change tons of things. I could have forgotten something. The next step will be add (S)VCD and network stream as source and (S)VCD and DVD outputs using jpegtools, vcdimager and dvdauthoring. Once this is added I will freeze the version and release the gmencoder v1.0. Bugreports, as always, are wellcomed but I am in a hard programming phase and perhaps I can not answer as fast as I want but be patient I will answer.

  • 20030423 - gmencoder-0.0.7.tgz
    • You can encode files even if the mplayer -identify tell me that the file has 0 length.
    • Spelling and grammar fixes.
    • Now we have tree ways for scaling (see doc).
    • Problems returning to the gmencoder from mplayer fixed.

  • 20030415 - We have debian package as well as apt-get source thanks to Benjamin Zores

  • 20030407 - gmencoder-0.0.6.tgz
    • Added start position and end positond options (-ss -endpos switches).
    • Now the configure script detects the mencoder/mplayer's path. Before now when you try to run the gmencoder with mencoder/mplayer installed in a directory different than the /usr/local/bin it did not work.

  • 20030404 - gmencoder-0.0.5.tgz
    • The people that use spaces in his filenames, now they can do it :-)
    • Added a very short Documentation file.
    • Bugs fixed.

  • 20030403 - gmencoder-0.0.4.tgz
    • Fixed problems with the end of line.

  • 20030402 - gmencoder-0.0.3.tgz
    • Fix some compilation problems.

  • 20030401 - gmencoder-0.0.2.tgz
    • Added more output codecs: pcm and copy for audio and rawrgb and copy for video.
    • Now, when you try to use cropping scaling and/or post-processing together in the same ripping process, it should work.
    • The definition of the scaling algorithms and the post-processing are in a config file called $HOME/.gmencoder_opts or /etc/gmenconder_opts. Now, you can find and example of this file in the gmencoder/etc directory.
    • And a lot of bugs are fixed.

  • 20030325 - gmencoder-0.0.1.tgz
    • Initial Release.